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WBid 3.2.5 - April 21, 2013

  • Removed KEY requirements in preparation for transition to WBid 4.0
  • Direct ancillary data download (TFP, cities, domiciles, etc.) from Frank Brewer's website in prepartion for closure of FigWare
  • Modified Show and Release times for International flying.


WBid 3.2.4 - November 25, 2012

  • Windows 8 support
  • Modified F/A pay rigs per SL 10


WBid 3.2.3 - September 24, 2012

  • Modified FA Buddy Bidding for suppression of "D" position bids.
  • Added position availability to FA Pairings
  • Added position availability to FA Schedule View
  • Bid Line View displays FA positions
  • Fixed a bug in the Bid Line View
  • Limited FA Buddy Bidders from Line choices with only 1 bid position.
  • Visual C++ Rutime 10.0 support.


WBid 3.2.2 - May 30, 2012

  • Displays -800 equipment type in the Line Summary View. Changed "735" to "8735" in Equipment type column
  • Supports Flight Attendant "D" positions.
  • Overlap display modification ("red" affected days)


WBid 3.2.1 - November 25, 2011

  • Fixed a bug in 2nd round Pilot bid data conversion.
  • Revised Avoidance bids to save automatically. Was not automatically being saved.
  • Modified iCal formatting to prevent overflowing Hotel string


WBid 3.2.0 - November 25, 2011

  • New Version to work with the new SWA pairing number format (i.e. "HAAA" vs."HA11").
  • Revised installer to remove need for "Seniority Number" input. Added code to request this number when needed anytime it is 'zero'
  • Modified iCal formatting to properly account for overflow into next day.
  • Modified selection of RSRV for F/A in the bid dialogs. A bug prevented the selection of RSRV choice unless another bid choice was already made.


WBid 3.1.7 - February 24, 2011

  • Added "Start Day of the Week" weights and constraints.
  • Added "Start Day of Week" column
  • F/A Buddy bidders can select their position choices.
  • Removes RSRV as a Line selection for F/A bids. However, RSRV can always be added to the end of a first round bid.
  • Fixed an error where F/A 2nd round data dropped the last Line.
  • Replaced Pairing export in vCal format with iCal format.


WBid 3.1.6 - February 24, 2010

  • Updgraded the internal communication tools.


WBid 3.1.5 - February 8, 2010

  • Added Windows 7 support.
  • Added Carry-Out pay to Summary View custom columns
  • Modified the method for submitting FA Buddy Bids


WBid 3.1.4 - June 1, 2009

  • Modified to connect to a different SWA data server.


WBid 3.1.3 - June 1, 2008

  • Registry installation functions were modified to work better with Windows Vista.
  • Modified indexing for weights and constraints.
  • Minor modification to FA 2nd round data processing.
  • Retrieves misnamed FA 2nd round text seniority list and cover letter.
  • Print logic modifications
  • Modified installer behavior to prevent deleting any pre-existing wbid.ini file.


WBid 3.1.2 - November 18, 2007

  • Fixed bug that export Moostro trips with both in and out times formatted as out times.
  • Fixed bug in F/A 1st round bidding, Custom Bid, where 'complement' button was disabled even with a valid buddy bidder.
  • Modified FileViewer printing logic


WBid 3.1.1 - November 4, 2007

  • Increased the number of Pairings supported from 1300 to 2600.
  • Added ability to log print errors for troubleshooting.


WBid 3.1.0 - July 31, 2007

  • Added sortable Blank Lines (2nd round Lines)
  • Drag/Drop listboxes for F/A Bid Editor, F/A Custom Editor, Config Column list, and Block Sort.
  • Start/Stop Duty Time weights and constraints.
  • Added support for Vista UAC compatability. User files are stored in a User folder instead of Program Files folder.


WBid 3.0.12 - March 6, 2007

  • Modified installer to ignore Windows Firewall settings.
  • Repaired bug that caused Pairing Windows with customized fonts to crash WBid.


WBid 3.0.11 - January 28, 2007

  • Added "Promote Selected Lines" feature.
  • Added F⁄A complementary bid capability for bidding from "Submit Current Order"
  • Revised version update mechanism and menus.
  • Modified AM⁄PM custom configuration behavior.
  • Supports Daylight Savings Time changes.
  • Modified to preclude "startup hang" experienced on some computers.
  • Added additional custom column types.
  • Removed support for dial-up connections.


WBid 3.0.10 - October 12, 2005

  • Added FFDO pairing export.
  • Modified Overlap Correction calculations.
  • Fixed Disconnect bug that caused WBid to "hang" on some computers.
  • Allows data updates even if main bid data retrieval fails.
  • Printing changes to allow Windows 95, 98, and Me to print.
  • Modified mouse hook to reduce program lock-up.


WBid 3.0.9 - November 20, 2004

  • Flight Attendant pay rigs effective January 1, 2005.
  • Added sortable Line View 'User Tags'.
  • Allows 20 columns in the Line View.
  • Modified 'Force Reserve' and 'Force Blank Lines' to put the block of Lines moved first to the bottom of the order.
  • Connectivity code checks for existence of known firewalls. WBid cannot configure your firewall to permit itself access to the Internet, but it will alert you that it might be blocked by a particular firewall.
  • Added user control to enable/disable dial-up connectivity.
  • Added validation to user-entered weights and times.
  • Modified Data Update to reset City and Equipment type tables before the new data is processed.
  • Fixed bug in column tooltip names when a column is moved.
  • General printing changes to force printer map modes.
  • Modifed 'State' storing of LineTable.
  • Modified program startup to eliminate program "hang".
  • Ignores 2nd round Flight Attendant Cover Letter retrieval.
  • Checks for Window Firewall on Windows XP SP2 during install and asks if it can be added to the Authorized Application list.


WBid 3.0.8 - October 2, 2003

  • Modified Login to support revised SWA security policy.
  • Added sortable Line Summary View columns.
  • Tooltips added for columns.
  • Added Aircraft Change Weights & Constraints.
  • Added Equipment Type Weights & Constraints.
  • Added Legs-Per-Day, Legs-Per-Pairing, and SIP columns to Line Summary View (selectable)
  • Fixed "ODrop" (Overlap Drop) column information.
  • Expanded connectivity error information.
  • Improved 3-on/3-Off constraint algorithm.
  • Modified the version check to trap empty contents returned from the server.
  • Modified Overlap Dialog to provide month and date.
  • Modified RON constraint dialog with checkboxes.
  • Modified Partial-Days-Off dialogs to default to the domicile.
  • Weights & Constraints menus ordered alphabetically.

WBid 3.0.7 - February 4, 2003

  • Added "News" feature to provide alerts for critical changes to the bid package data.
  • Revised functionality for Bid Line View printing. The printer page orientation and number of Lines to print are selectable from the initial print dialog.
  • Added new features to the Commutable Lines weights and constraints. A crewmember can now ignore the commute to work or the commute home when calculating weights or constraints.
  • Once the Schedule Display is in view, the Lines are selectable with the arrow keys as well as with the mouse.
  • Bid Line View scrolling is faster.
  • Added more support information to "Report a Problem".
  • Increased the number of Lines for F/A Reserve bidding.
  • Easier to retrieve your registration key.
  • Fixed “site license” registration key bug.
  • Added splash screen.

WBid 3.0.6 - November 1, 2002

  • Works with Windows 2000.
  • Incorporates "Grace Login" checking.
  • Displays Flight Attendant names associated with buddy bid employee numbers.
  • Exports pairings to Microsoft Outlook as appointments.
  • Incorporates Pilot ADG pay rig for January 2003, and subsequent, bid periods.
  • Fixes a scrolling bug in the Bid Line View .

WBid 3.0.5 - August 31, 2002

  • Modified Pilot pay calculations to incorporate the recent pay rig changes in the Pilot contract.
  • This version now allows 2nd Round (VR/Reserve) Flight Attendant bids to be submitted to the Company.
  • Added pairing pay to the Bid Line view and Bid Line printout. This required a change in the underlying data formats so older WBid data files won't load into this version. However, there is some logic within WBid to automatically fix this problem.
  • Created the ability to create a Default set of weights, constraints, and sort options that can be applied as the default whenever new data is retrieved.
  • Revised the ability to save and load different "States" (sort orders) for a specific bid period so that comparisons can be easily performed.
  • Revised the "Send Info" to send a bug report via a different method. Also added an item on the Help menu ("Report a Problem") so crewmembers can more easily request help while providing more detailed information.
  • Added version checking. A new item on the Help menu ("Update WBid") connects to the Internet to find out which version is the most recent. If a newer version is available you will be asked if you want to retrieve the new version.
  • Revised several Help topics and programmatic links to those topics.
  • Data retrieval login now pre-enters your employee number and the "focus" is set to the password window. Most crewmembers, when retrieving data from the Crew Portal, will simply have to type their password.

WBid 3.0.4 - July 3, 2002

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Moostro trip capture from being enabled on some computers.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a program crash on some computers at the end of a file transfer.
  • Added font options for viewing Bid Line View.
  • Added font and page orientation options for printing Bid Line Views.
  • Added a feature to limit the number of printed Lines from the Bid Line View.
  • Modified connectivity to use Internet Explorer settings. Removed the Dial Wizard.
  • Fixed a bug when printing "All Pairings On Current Line" on Windows XP platforms.

WBid 3.0.3 - May 30, 2002

  • Enlarged the Bid Editor to allow for more Line choices. Previous versions did not have sufficient choices for PHX pilots.
  • Changed the Bid Editor behavior to automatically select the last entered bid in the list of bid choices.
  • Modified File | Open behavior so that data files can be opened for viewing.
  • Modified the File Retrieval methodology for obtaining files from the FigWare website.
  • Added Ground Time weights and constraints.

WBid 3.0.2 - May 9, 2002

  • Modified Internet connectivity testing to resolve "Disconnected" error on systems where the registry is protected.
  • Fixed bug when opening a Bid Receipt for viewing.
  • Interim fix for printing Bid Line View bug.

WBid 3.0.1 - May 3, 2002

  • Does not work with Windows 2000. Windows 98, Me, and XP are OK.
  • Modified file transfer parameters. Allows for longer period to transfer files.
  • Added connection wizard.
  • Added "Print All Pairings On Current Line" feature.
  • Added "Print WBid Hotel List" feature.
  • Remembers Schedule Display position within a session.
  • Remembers manual column ordering.
  • Fixed help buttons in various dialog boxes.
  • Fixed Weights/Constraints View printing
  • Fixed Mail Register form printing

WBid 3.0.0 - March 1, 2002

New version. Updated from WBid 2.0 to work with the SWA Crew Portal (vs. CompuServe) and re-written in a Document/View architecture.


WBid 2.0 - circa 1997

New version. Updated from WBid 1.0 to work with CompuServe data sources. Can submit both Pilot and Flight Attendant bids electronically


WBid 1.0 - circa 1992

New product. Bid sort program for Windows 3.x that can create a Pilot paper bid for submittal to Southwest Airlines. Works with the Gillespie data available from their BBS.


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